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HR Advisory Services

We are specialized in providing HR Advisory Services across the whole HR value chain, which includes the following areas :

Executive Search

We help our clients in finding leaders and specialists to cope with their strategy and future plans. We base the executive search service on a proven process, transparent and fixed pricing highly conditioned on the ultimate success


Understanding of the clients needs, key differenciator and key success factor
Briefing note and go to market speech

Search Strategy

Target profiles
Long list identification
Short list presentatiton (minimum 3 candidates)


Contact negociation, reference check and signature of the candidate
Follow up during the onboarding process until the end of the first year of services

Leadership Assessment

The service provides with a set of additional reports to support a client’s decision when it comes to internal mobility, succession planning, promotion, merger or acquisition or external selection. We commit to follow an agile and fair process

Outplacement Services

This service aims to offer an individualized, human and pragmatic approach through a rigorous methodology. The ultimate objective is to enable the candidate to reposition himself or herself on the job market, in a position corresponding to his/her professional aspirations and in line with his/her previous experiences. It is aimed at executives, senior managers and professionals with a high degree of expertise. Outplacement can be initiated either by the employer (as part of a reorganization or negotiated departure) or through the candidate directly (career reorientation or negotiated departure).
Outplacement goes far beyond the classic career review: our service offers comprehensive support that includes the development of a network, preparation for interviews and recruitment processes as well as the negotiation of a contractual offer. Based on the principle of making resources available, this service lasts approximately 12 weeks but is not limited in time.
As with all the services offered by the firm, this service is based on strong fundamental values and without concessions :


The duration of an outplacement service is not defined in time, but in principle, the service lasts 12 weeks and is structured around 3 major stages :

Self Assessment

Personality test and professional assessment

Deep dive interview, compentencies based and CV

Professional Future

Mapping of criterias

Objectives settings

Action Plan and Work Research

Building a network

Preparation for interviews and assessments

The service is based on world-renowned scientific tools, for which our consultant has the training and certification necessary for effective use.