If nothing goes right with your digital HR, Go left !

It can be quite a challenge to position a digital HR initiative amidst the traditional backlog of many IT projects in any organization. And justifying the return on investment in digital HR can be a nightmare when you are competing internally against customer-service or sales-driven ICT projects. 

The good news is that the HR software market is packed with clever, sometimes AI-driven applications. In the field of recruitment alone, the following segmentation emerges job aggregators, stand-alone applicant tracking systems, generalist HCM software, recruitment CRMs, testing & assessment software, talent intelligence systems etc. 

But rather than trying to impress your executive committee with the “next big thing” -and big budget- your supplier has seduced you to purchase, we suggest having a look at your Human Capital Management (HCM) Value Chain first. 

HCM Value Chain

HCM Core Components (Infrastructure)

Ask yourselves the following 4 questions: 

  1. Of the 4 orange value chain drivers above, which one truly drives our Company’s performance?
  2. Of the 4 orange value chain drivers above, which one would truly enhance our employee experience?
  3. What do we need right now: more people, better results, wider skills, or more engagement? Whilst all 4 are relevant, depending on your priority you may end up committing to a different project and software altogether. 
  4. Which solution is actionable as a quick win in your Company?

The right answer to the right questions will safely lead you the right solution, rather than the fanciest. If you end up with a quite disruptive solution nonetheless, such as a “Tinder-like application” that matches applicants and open positions, or internal mobility openings, you might wish to try a pilot project first to break resistance to change. Talk to us about your ideas! 

Dimitri Davreux, Managing Partner 

d.davreux@adveci.com / +352 691 116 139